Bilfinger Noell GmbH



Bilfinger Noell开发了合适的密封和开封装置,用于操纵鼓盖,松开和拧紧螺丝。 根据客户要求,可根据要求设计和提供盖子料斗和其他外围设备,如传送带和集装箱运输单元。

[Translate to Chinese:] Opening and closing drums and other containers with contaminated and activated contents require special equipment.

Bilfinger Noell develops suitable sealing and unsealing devices for manipulating the drum lids, and for loosening and tightening screws. On request, lid hoppers and other peripheral devices such as conveyor belts and container transport units are designed and provided according to customer specifications.

Scope of supply and services:
Detailed engineering and calculation, material sourcing, manufacture, commissioning, transport, final assembly, all construction and quality checks, final documentation

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