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Acoustic Emission Testing (AET)

Acoustic Emission Testing (AET)

Acoustic Emission Testing is a modern test procedure in the field of nondestructive testing (NDT) and is known as a safe and resource-friendly method of nondestructive testing.
Babcock Noell operates on the basis of the highest quality and safety standards set by the German power plant industry. This internalized special diligence and experience in dealing with sensitive building structures/components is also applied in the field of AET.

Everything from one source – we bring the Technical Inspection Agency along!

We are happy to bring the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) along. Our customers often choose the possibility “testing and acceptance from one source”. Therefore, our tests often take place in cooperation with TÜV SÜD. This guarantees our customers’ legal security and the highest standards while at the same time reducing organizational efforts when it comes to periodic inspections.

Our value for money attitude is your advantage
We have a wide selection/array of qualified staff members and are therefore in the position to provide the appropriate expert for your needs. We include inspection authorities for only the phase of performance where required by acceptance procedures, documentation and certification regulations. This enables our customers to avoid higher personnel expenses.

We will dispel your doubts! Let us help you plan!

Questions often arise when customers decide to use or change to a new test procedure. Don’t let these questions deter you from your decision. We are pleased to answer your questions during a custom-designed information meeting at your location without any obligation for you.

Your advantages when using AET

  • Replace internal checks with AET
  • Detect and locate leaks
  • Short testing periods
  • It is possible to check the container from the outside, eliminating the need to circulate and temporarily store the operating medium.  The container does not have to be opened and cleaned; waste products do not have to be disposed of.
  • Detect material fatigue
  • Enables the check of inaccessible or unobservable areas
  • Enables the early detection of damages or active corrosion (without opening the container)
  • Enables the test of complicated spatial or geometric test objects
  • Monitoring of an entire pressure container

Field of application:

  • Pressure container
  • Pressure accumulator (for example for compactors)
  • Container for different kinds of industrial gas
  • Spherical vessels manufactured from fiber composites
  • Natural gas fueling station
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • High temperature water tank
  • Vacuum furnace / autoclave
  • Storage tank / flat-bottom tank
  • Pipe container / piping


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Dominik Salg

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