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Man and material air locks

Man and Material Air Locks

Air locks are pressure chambers with two airtight doors penetrating the containment to permit access to the reactor building and to maintain sealing off from the outside atmosphere.

Air locks permit controlled transfer of personnel and/or material into and from the containment and thus ensure that the operating conditions inside the containment are maintained. The pressure chamber is designed to prevent uncontrolled pressure loss in and contamination leakage from the reactor building.

Depending on customer requirements, various systems of lock opening mechanisms are available.

Air lock functions:

  • Personnel access to the containment
  • Emergency egress and rescue from the containment
  • Prevention of uncontrolled access to the containment
  • Prevention of uncontrolled contamination leaks
  • Material transfer into and out of the containment
  • Integrity in case of design-basis incidents

Scope of supply and services:
Detailed engineering and calculation, materialsourcing, pre-fabrication, transport, pre-assembly on-site, final assembly, all construction and quality checks, final documentation
Selected references:
KKW Olkiluoto 3, Finland
KKW Gundremmingen, Germany
KKW Angra 1 & 2, Brasil
KKW Philippsburg, Germany
KKW Grafenrheinfeld, Germany
KKW Grohnde, Germany
KKW Trillo, Spain
KKW Gösgen, Switzerland
KKW Grenoble, France


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