Waste Treament Center RBZ

RBZ – Waste Treatment Centre – HERMINE™
The Highly Efficient Reduction of Radwaste in a Modular Intelligent Nuclear Environmentally Friendly Facility

Bilfinger Noell has many years of experience in the field of treatment and conditioning of radioactive waste and residual materials.

Bilfinger Noell selects the most suitable treatment method and thus the materials are selected, treated and recycled in the conventional recovered substance cycle. The waste is reduced in volume, conditioned in accordance with the storage conditions and packed for intermediate and final storage.

Bilfinger Noell masters a wide variety of treatment methods and is thus able to execute all required process steps from selection to decontamination, compaction, packaging and immobilization.

In this field, Bilfinger Noell has already planned, delivered, commissioned and operated several plants and has also developed a modular residual material and waste treatment plant, HERMINE™, which can perform multiple Tasks.

Non-interaction with the operational dismantling

  • Independent HERMINE™ activities
  • no additional planning and coordination required for dismantling
  • no mutual interference on the transportation routes

Simplified dismantling strategy

  • Independent HERMINE™ activities
  • no additional planning and coordination required for dismantling
  • Dismantling material is centrally buffered

Minimizing of radioactive waste

  • highly effective decontamination process - PHADEC™  e.g. by Extensive conventional recycling of residual material = recyclables
  • efficient Super-Compactor
  • maximum utilisation of final storage containers

Utilization of synergies

  • Personnel:
    easy exchange of personnel between the sites due to modular design
    short orientation periods 
    motivation by creating a competitive environment
  • Infrastructure/equipment:
    continuous improvement process can be implemented

Modular arrangement

  • The modular arrangement provides:
    simple adaptation of the equipment to the requirements
    simple adaptation of the facility to the treatment capacity

Efficient and economic treatment, simple and logical arrangement

  • ideal arrangement of the rad-waste treatment without spatial limitations
  • reduction of transport time by use of optimum transport routes

Early exemption of the site from the Atomic Energy Law

  • in accordance with the Atomic Energy Law, the plant is dismantled separately from the radwaste facility and will be declassified thereafter

Comprehensive environment protection

  • minimal energy consumption by use of state-of-the-art technology
  • process-optimised water conditioning
  • maximisation of the amount of re-usable material

Radiation protection at its best

  • Optimised arrangement of equipment / transport routes and thus reduction of individual dose 
  • optimale Anlagen- und bautechnische Anordnung, damit Reduktion der Strahlenbelastung für die Umwelt
  • Abstimmung der Abfallanlage auf den Betrieb und damit geringe Abgaben.

Clear-cut definition of interfaces

  • HERMINE™ works independently on site 
  • dismantled parts are retrieved from the buffer storages
  • independent permission of the radwaste facility

Long-term economic conditions

  • not dependent on the market due to own efficient and economic waste treatment stations

The radwaste facility is not subject to the Atomic Energy Law

  • no regulatory process with involvement of an independent consultant 

Fast operational readiness of HERMINE™

  • independent permission in accordance with the §7 Radiation Protection Ordinance which is simpler than gaining permission in accordance with the Atomic Energy Law
  • independent construction, installation and  commissioning on site (not within restricted access area)
  • the radwaste treatment process can reach full flexibility in a very short period of time

Transport of contaminated material is avoided

  • special work areas are installed  to handle all kind of radioactive waste


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