We provide trainings in the following areas:

  • Technical area

Application periods:

  • Training always starts on 1st September of the respective year

How does the application process work?

Once you have decided on a skilled trade and submitted your application, you will first receive from us confirmation that we have received your application. After the first applicant selection there will follow a suitability test. If you pass this test we will then invite you to an interview.

Are you interested? We look forward to receiving your application.

Haven’t made a career choice yet?

You should be thinking about your occupational future and your first job by the end of the last but one school year at the latest. It isn’t often easy to search for and then decide on a suitable skilled trade. A taster traineeship might help you to make your decision. We offer information on this.

If you have any questions you can call Mr Markus Haas:
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Technical illustrator (m/f) mechanical and plant technology

The job

Technical illustrators in the area of mechanical and plant technology create drawings and technical documentation for mechanical engineering, usually on the computer using CAD systems. They accept contracts from designers and use the specifications in these to produce drafts and detailed design and assembly plans, e.g. for tool machines or plants for cleaning exhaust gas. Such drawings can be very complex and require specialist metal and mechanical engineering knowledge. It is often the case that individual components need to be shown in the required dimensions for the purposes of production. Then again, an entire device or a vehicle engine may need to be shown in its assembled state from various perspectives. During their work, technical illustrators always observe the relevant illustration standards and indicate dimensions for the purposes of production and assembly. They also draw up parts lists for the production and calculate dimensions and values. They manage the various illustration versions in a project and back-up the data.

The training

A technical illustrator is a recognised skilled trade. The training takes 3 ½ years, it is possible to shorten this.

Training takes place both with us in the company as well as in the vocational school.

Training in the company:

Mr Bernhard Schrauth is responsible for training in the technical area. Training with us in the company is structured as follows:

1st training year

September Training workshop, intensive
October Training workshop
November Intensive, training workshop
December Training workshop
January Intensive, welding course
February Steel structure preparation, intensive
March Training on lathe
April Materials testing, intensive
Mai Intensive, design
June Tras - technical rules administration services, intensive
July Design, Bechtle / external CAD course, intensive
August Design

2nd training year

SeptemberIT, intensive

This is then followed by individual training in the product areas environmental technology, nuclear technology and magnet technology.

Training can take between 2 and 6 months, sometimes even longer. In the meantime, the trainees visit the vocational school for 1 – 2 weeks in accordance with the school schedule (blocks).

The intermediate examination takes place in the middle of the 2nd training year. The responsible trainer prepares the trainees for this over a 2 – 3 week period. In between, various extra-curricular seminars will take place, e.g. a one-week pneumatics seminar at the IHK.

Each year, an excursion with all trainees and BA students takes place including a seminar. 2013 campaign: Trip to Linz (Austria).

The school-leaving exam takes place after the 4th month of the 4th training year. The responsible trainer prepares the trainees for this over a 5 – 6 week period. 


  • GCSE (Mittlere Reife)
  • Good mathematics, German and English
  • Good intellectual grasp and spatial ability

After the training

After training has been concluded successfully, it is essentially possible to start a vocation in any of the product areas.

The responsible vocational school

Städtisches Berufsbildungszentrum I
Zwerchgraben 2
97074 Würzburg
Phone +49 931 7953-110
Fax +49 931 7953-113

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Markus Haas

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