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Further components manufactured by Babcock Noell for conditioning facility ICEDA in France successfully tested

October 29, 2015

As part of the EdF order for supplying the special equipment for constructing hot cells for the conditioning and storage facility ICEDA in Bugey, France, Babcock Noell has designed and manufactured equipment including two dis-mantling lines for conditioning nuclear waste.

In August the functional tests of the dismantling lines were successfully done in Wuerzburg together with a delegation from the EdF Group.

The BNG dismantling lines designed for the first of three hot cells at ICEDA carry out the dismantling of various kinds of waste including their box-shaped containers (sheaths). For each kind of waste, different partial functionalities are combined so as to create a semi-automatic process with optimized opera-tor time.

The dismantling lines feature the following partial functionalities:

  • Turning of the sheath from the vertical to the horizontal position by means of a hydraulic panning device
  • Emptying of the sheath by means of a hydraulic tilting device
  • Feeding of the long rods towards the shears by means of hydraulic grippers
  • Hydraulic shearing for cutting rods with a length of about 4.5 m.
  • Dismantling of the box-shaped sheaths by means of remote-controlled saws
  • Compacting of the sheath segments for reducing volume
  • Feeding of short rods (ca. 150 – 220 mm) into the storage containers by means of vibration

The dismantling lines are projected to be completed and delivered in March 2016.

In addition, Babcock Noell has designed and manufactured a dedicated ce-menting plant that ensures the waste to be immobilized in storage containers through remote-controlled release of special cement. After further cementing steps, the waste is conditioned and packed for final storage and can be transported to an interim storage facility.

Babcock Noell has already successfully manufactured and supplied various special equipment, e.g. cranes, radiation shielding windows, shielding gates, and linings for implementing the hot cells at ICEDA, to ensure remote-controlled operation including service and maintenance of components.