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Babcock Noell supplies special tools for constructing superconducting coils for international experimental reactor ITER

October 29, 2015

Babcock Noell has won another order for manufacturing the superconducting coils connected with the construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITER.

Elytt Energy, the leading Spanish consortium supplying the tools for subsequent processing of the superconducting coils (PF coils) for ITER covered by the overall contract, placed an order with Babock Noell for 24 units of retractable supports for 3 workplaces each and 24 units of fixed extensions for one workplace.

In a hall dedicated to manufacturing superconducting coils in Cadarache / Southern France, socalled pancakes are stacked, insulated, and impregnated with epoxy resin.

The pancakes are vertically retractable to ensure highly precise processing of the pancakes within the range of the supports with the height being variable between 60 cm and 1 m. For that reason, the retractable supports come with a drive, a mandrel, guiderails, and a control panel. The fixed extensions are rigid 1-meter-high extensions.

The technically distinctive feature of the special tools are permanent magnets located at all four corners at the bottom of every single tool. As and when required, they can be switched on and off respectively by turning the magnet poles therefore enabling easier movement of the retractable supports. In addition to that, fixed fastenings on the scaffolds are eliminated.

Completion and delivery of the 96 special tools is projected for March 2016.