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Secure interim storage of fuel rods from Chernobyl: Babock Noell manufactures key components for handling and conditioning

November 06, 2015

Babcock Noell GmbH, a subsidiary of the engineering and services group Bilfinger has received an order from American company Holtec International for the manufacture of key components for a plant that processes fuel rods at the Chernobyl location. The order volume amounts to €20 million.

The special machines from Babcock Noell are designed for the handling and long-term conditioning of fuel rods from reactors in the decommis-sioned Chernobyl power plant complex. In the new plant, the elements, which to date have been stored on an interim basis in water pools, will be taken apart, dried and conditioned to the extent that they can be securely dry-stored for long periods in special containers from Holtec.

Holtec has been a customer of Babcock Noell since 2006. In Spring 2015, the two companies agreed to strategically expand global cooperation.