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DSRL, U.K. awards contract to Babcock Noell

August 02, 2016

Success of Babcock Noell’s high pressure press technology continues in the U.K.

Babcock Noell has received yet another contract utilizing the high-pressure press technology acquired from Fontijne Grotnes BV in 2014.

This time it is for a 1000 ton high-pressure press for intermediate-level radio-active waste for the Scottish company Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd. (DSRL).

Babcock Noell prevailed against international competition thanks to the robust overall technical concept of high-pressure presses and the long-term experience with hot cells and remote handling.

This long-term special experience, combined with the technology obtained from Fontijne Grotnes BV, guarantees the latest technology, practicality and convenience in the field, resulting in a significant increase in the competitiveness of high-pressure presses.   

The special requirements of this press are the criteria which must be met during operation in a hot cell.

This means that – as far as possible – all hydraulic and electric drive units must be located outside of the hot cell. Furthermore, any parts subject to wear must be replaced by remote handling and adequate decontamination must be guaranteed. This special technology facilitates maintenance and repair and considerably reduces the radiation exposure of personnel.  

Overview of reference projects at Babcock Noell GmbH:

High-pressure press: Babcock Noell technology

  • Dounreay, UK; Construction of a new 1000 ton high-pressure press for intermediate-level radioactive waste
  • Belgoprocess, Belgium; Construction of a new 2000 ton high-pressure press for low-level radioactive waste including dismantling (removal and packing) of the old 2000 ton high-pressure press and the maintenance and repair of peripheral devices
  • Belgoprocess, Belgium; Remote conversion/modification of the 1000 ton high-pressure press in the Pamela building for intermediate-level radioactive waste
  • ANSTO, Australia; Programming of the control system for a 2000 ton high-pressure press for low-level radioactive waste

High-pressure press: Fontjine Grotnes technology

  • BJHSTC, Research Center, China; Construction of a new 500 ton high-pressure press for low-level radioactive waste
  • Energy Solutions, KKW Haiyang, China; Construction of a new1500 ton high-pressure press for low-level radioactive waste

Babcock Noell is a reliable partner for many companies in the industry, in particular the energy sector, undertaking the planning, development and design, as well as the manufacturing, installation and service of plants, equipment and components. Everything comes from a single source, from the initial idea through commissioning. Economic solutions with the highest quality and timeliness are top priorities.

DSRL is the site license company responsible for the closure program (dis-mantling and treatment) of waste generated by the former British center for  research and development of fast breeder reactors. The newly built waste treatment plant will require a high-pressure press for the compaction of inter-mediate-level radioactive waste.

Through the acquisition of high-pressure press technology for the compaction of nuclear waste and the existing wide range of services, Babcock Noell can offer its customers individual solutions for economic and modular waste treatment concepts, from planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance on site, all from one source.