Bilfinger Noell Technologies makes Hinkley Point C safer


Bilfinger Noell continues its successful cooperation with NNB, the subsidiary of the French energy group EDF. Bilfinger Noell was commissioned to design components for two Core Melt Stabilization Systems (CMSS) for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in Somerset, England. The system is designed to bring the molten core to a safe state after it leaves the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) in the event of a core meltdown. During normal operation, the melt plug below the RPV can be used as a maintenance opening.

Bilfinger Noell has been active since 2017 with the planning and delivery of a conditioning plant to treat solid and liquid radioactive waste in the British nuclear power plant type EPR™ (European Pressurized Reactor). With the conditioning plant, operational waste is identified, sorted, reduced in volume, and finally cemented. The operations are mainly carried out remotely in a hot cell.

"The new order shows our customer's confidence in Bilfinger Noell's competence in radioactive waste treatment", says Roland Pechtl, Managing Director of Bilfinger Noell. The company possess many years of vast array of experience in this field. For the construction of the EPR™ in Olkiluoto, Finland, Bilfinger Noell developed the components for the first of its kind CMSS from design to commissioning. Additional components of the CMSS for EPR™ were also delivered to Flammanville, France and Taishan, China.

Components for the Core Melt Stabilization System Taishan 1&2