Successful visit of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) to Bilfinger Noell


On 15 December 2022, the KIT Vice President for Transfer and International Affairs Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth visited the Bilfinger Noell GmbH together with a delegation from the KIT.

At the meeting, the joint Technology Transfer Project PINE (mobile cloud chamber) was successfully completed together. Bilfinger Noell was already able to manufacture and deliver several devices worldwide during the Technology Transfer Project PINE. 

KIT and Bilfinger Noell have been working together in the form of a cooperation in the field of superconducting undulators since 2007. The current status and new projects within the framework of this cooperation were presented. 

Further connecting points and synergies between the KIT and Bilfinger were discussed in a round of talks. 
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From left to right: Achim Hobl, Head of Department Systems and Products – Magnet Technologies Bilfinger Noell, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Holzapfel, KIT Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth, Vice President KIT, Dr. Rainer Körber, Innovation Manager KIT, Roland Pechtl, Managing Director Bilfinger Noell, Dr. Ottmar Möhler, KIT, Michael Gehring, Head of Business Development & Sales - Magnet Technology Bilfinger Noell, Dr. Wolfgang Walter, Head of Magnet Technologies, Bilfinger Noell, Dr. Steffen Grohmann, KIT and Johannes Kessler, Head of Nuclear Technologies Bilfinger Noell.