Orbital Welding on Aluminum Tubes Successfully Tested!


Bilfinger Noell developed, tested and certified a fully mechanical welding process for remote controlled welding on aluminum pipes within the scope of the modification of a research reactor.

The special challenges of the measure include high dose rate environments, confined spaces, an aluminum alloy that is difficult to weld, and the vertical welding positions that are typical of a pipe. Due to the tightness requirements, a very high weld seam quality is required, for which our experienced personnel carried out extensive test series to determine the welding parameters.

Due to the given local and technical boundary conditions, the team, together with the suppliers, developed all machines and equipment to be able to carry out the mechanical preparation work remotely.

In preparation for the on-site activities, mockup tests were carried out under original replication of the real component conditions and, together with the welding technology, individual handling processes were also tested remotely and finally determined.

At the beginning of 2020, Bilfinger Noell successfully qualified this unique welding process in accordance with EN ISO 15613 and the AD2000 HP2/1 pressure equipment regulations.

"Our wide range of products and services, for almost all areas of high-tech special machine construction, enables us to provide solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. Based on the many years of experience of our employees in working in the radiation field and the professional handling of orbital welding technology, this utmost arduous challenge was successfully mastered," says Roland Pechtl Managing Director Bilfinger Noell.