Components for Nuclear Power Plants



Containment liners are steel liners installed at the inside of the concrete reactor containment buildung to ensure the required tightness of the…

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Containment vessel

The containment vessel contains all of the nuclear equipment and components used in a nuclear power plant. In most cases, it is a spherical shell made…

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Material and air locks

Airlocks are pressure vessels with two airtight doors penetrating the containment to permit access to the reactor building and to maintain sealing off…

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Stainless steel lining for pools

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Compact storage racks for radioactive materials

Bilfinger Noell supplies special compact storage racks for storing spent fuel rods space efficiently.

These compact storage racks provide an…

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Safety components

In nuclear technology, safety is the highest priority. Among other products, Bilfinger Noell supplies mechanical components for the stabilization…

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Reactor components

Babcock Noell supplies handling systems required during reactor operation such as e. g. the handling system of the reactor pressure vessel closure…

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Filter changing machines

The pool water treatment systems in nuclear power plants are equipped with special filters which need to be replaced once certain radiation limit…

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